S.E.T.I.  (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence)

1999 CD CI004

Production: Changing Images. Distribution: CUE- Records


This fourth CD album is dedicated to Project SETI – The Search for extraterrestrial Intelligence. Changin Images approaches to this story  in the tradition of  Stanley Kubricks "2001 Odyssee in Space": Dave and GAL – the female bordcomputer of our spaceship - are on track  to alien lifeforms. The zodiac constellation is convenient… so it was on the 11th  of August, 1999 – the day of the total eclipse in europe- this day  the track “Gates” was recorded, to catch a magical spirit. Gates to different worlds are opened through the remaining tracks as well, revealed in the musical style of Changing Images, combined with contemporary sounds and rhythms.


The Art of Dreaming   1997 CD CI003

Production: Changing Images. Distribution: CUE- Records , MUSEA


The third CD of Changing Images now is dedicated to The Art of Dreaming - following the traumatic aspects which appeard already in Virtuality. A varied ambient music of complexity, bewitched harmony and rhythmic beauty, like it is expressed in the lyrically densed chains of associations in the track description. No background music - more like a dreamstate.

Virtuality    1992 CD Lectronic Soundscapes LS-92003

Production: Lektronic Soundscapes. Distribution: CUE- Records


This second CD was released in 1992 with varied conceptual electronic music dedicated to virtual worlds, evoking imaginary harmonic but also gloomy scenarios with rich soundeffects. While the debut-album has a more symphonic character of figurative music, this album is closer to the electronic, sequencerstyled tradition of Changing Images.

The Castle       1991 CD MUSEA 4044.AR

Production and distribution: MUSEA, distr. CUE- Records

The debut-album of Changing Images was released in 1991 by the french label MUSEA, which is specialized on progressive music in the style of the 70th decade. Listeners of this music will hear a consequent development of concept-orientated electronic music including elaborated symphonic parts and instrumental arrangements, evoking the atmosphere of a mysterious castle. The music has a soundtrack-character in the sense of an imaginary camera-zoom through different rooms and situations related to the imaginary castle. Varied upbeat and lyric parts, combining guitar- and synth- lines with a unique ambient-atmosphere, form a homogenous contemporary work.



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