The tracks:

1. The Dreaming 14:41
Afrique. falling asleep, dive in a magical world. Strangeness. The dreamind as art to create new worlds, experience, expansion of consciousness. Breaking through the barriers, doors of perception, the body becomes aware, moving in a different reality. New, upsetting experiences. Manipulation of day-consciousness, ethnic, Indios, Yerba del Diabolo, Red, Mercury, displacement of the assemply-point, medicine-man, anorganic entity, contact, control of dreamstate, floating, racing, wake up.

2. Somnambul 11:40
Dreamscape, Amerique. Shadows of the night, Moon. Mindflight. Erotic phantasy. Pastorale. Daydream. Sun. Yellow. Fluidum. Birdperspective. Farewell. Wheatfield. Autumn. Mist.Yearning. Dissolvation.

3. Sedated 9:33
Hypnagogic. Dreambetween. Time passes. Asphalt. Maritim. Eruption. Vulcancave. Interspace. Twilight. A dream within a dream. World of Shadows. Purgatory. Waiting. Crystals. Blue. Needles. Evocation. Arctic. A gap space-time continuum. Stream of consciousness. The door. Bonded. Static. Sleep paralysis. No awakening. Neptun. Illusion.

4. Illuminescent 12:45
Lucid. Australique. Illuminant. Aboriginal.
Crystalclear. Wandering on the dreampath. R.E.M. Power. Uranus. Uterus. Progreding. Printemps. Rule of flying. The fire from within. Passed magical examination. Astral journeys. Mastering of consciousness. The step beyond. Being called.

5. Sub Conscious 8:18
The other side. Trauma. Hypnosis. Altered States of Consciousness. Warp back. The deep. Green. Lilith. Unmastered. Pluto. Metamorphosis. Die to be born. Ozeanique. Ursuppe. Rebirthing. Mastering the pain. Rising up. Bathed in sweat. Loss of the human shape. Dreamflood.

6. Awakening 8:56
Venus. Lucidity. Europique. De ja vu. The power of the normal. Unthinkable. Time- and spaceless. Acting in all realities. Back. Mandala. Circle of returns. Heartbeat.



EMU Proteus/1+, Yamaha DX-7, TX-802, Roland S-330, R-8, Casio CZ-101, Formant modularsystem, 2 analogue sequencers

Casio MG-510 Midi-guitar, Ovation A-Guitar, Quasimidi Quasar, Yamaha TX-802, Roland GR-1 Guitar-Synth and effects.

Emagic Notator Logic, JVC XD-Z505 DAT, Roland M-240, M-160, SE-50, MPU-101, Yamaha REV-7, Boss RCE-10, RCL-10, RPQ-10, Korg KME-56, Behringer Exciter Ultrafex II, Denoiser MK II

The Art of Dreaming, 1997 CD CI003
Distributed by
CUE- Records , MUSEA

Although every person dreams every night and so spends a large amount of his lifetime dreaming or at least sleeping we still know very little about this extraordinary state of consciousness. Recent results of the sleep and dream research indicate that Sigmund Freud´s classic dream theory can only be considered as a partly access to this matter and must be reviewed in many aspects. In addition to sequences of everyday life, the desires or subconscious fears and problems there are still many features of dreams concerning the content as well as the quality with unknown origin and meaning. In the Greek Antique, the dream was interpreted as oracle and prophecy.

Several ethnic cultures, associate dreams with sociological and metaphysical significance, such as Senoi, Aboriginees, Huichol, Tolteks, Egyptians - to name only a few. In the european occult tradition dreams - especially lucid dreams- had an esoteric meaning as a starting point for astral journeys. All cultures share the concept of the dream as a gate to different worlds - worlds that are created while sleeping or that might exist independently of the dreamer? We all know the flood of changing impressions, landscapes and emotional states occuring in dreams. Corresponding to our name CHANGING IMAGES, we musically interpreted it...

Martin (1997)



We just came
to see a dreampicture, we
just came to dream, not really,
not really we came to
live on earth
Tochihuitzin Coyolchiuhqui
(aztec poet, ca. 1419)


Dreaming can only be experienced. Because dreaming does not simply mean to have dreams; nor can it be related to daydreams or desires. With the dreaming we can percieve different worlds, that we are even able to describe, but we cannot describe what enables us to percieve them. Yet we notice that the dreaming reveals those other spheres. Dreaming seems to be a perception, a process within the body, a mental gain of consciousness.
Don Juan Matus



Between it was dreaming me and I was dreaming are the ages of world. But what is more true? As little as the spirits send the dream, it is the self that dreams.
Th. W. Adorno 1903-1969



In the moment of the onset of dreamwake, a world of seductive and unexplored possibilities is opening. A world in which the ultimate boldness becomes reality and in which the unexpected can be expected. At this point the actual adventure of mankind starts. The world opens for all chances and miracles.
Zuleica Abelar



The dream teaches us in a strange way about the lightness of our soul to get into eyery object - and to transform into it at once.
Novalis 1772-1801



Some scientists are of the opinion that what man distinguishes from other forms of being is the culture - in contrast to nature. Related to food it means for example the cooked would be higher graded than the rough. Art, the conscious representation/ reproduction of perceptions or images can be shurely regarded as culture. In contrast, the dreaming is part of mankinds nature. Lucid dreaming - the control of dreams - transforms nature in culture and therewith into the art of dreaming.



The technicians connect your body and web your brain and analyse the biochemicritical signals of your sleep- and dreamphases and are able to report in detail what time and how intensive you have been dreaming - while you, within your 3-second-dream, created and decayed an entire world.
Changing Images