S.E.T.I.  (CD 2000) 

Die Titel:

1. Survey                                9:36

2. Seti                                     5:36

3. Gates                                   6:40

4. Robot                                   4:19

5. Teleport                              6:33

6. Planet Inca                         6:16

7. Gates 2 Consciousness        6:11

8. Fear                                    5:14

9. Seti Warp                            4:26



KORG TR-Rack, Peavey DPM 3, EMU Proteus/1+, Yamaha DX-7, TX-802, Roland S-330, R-8, Casio CZ-101, Formant Modularsystem, 2 Analog sequencer

Casio MG-510 Midi-guitar, Modified Gibson Guitar, Ovation A-Guitar, Roland MC 505, Quasimidi Quasar, Yamaha TX-802, Roland GR-1 Guitar-Synth and effects.

Emagic Audio Logic, JVC XD-Z505 DAT, Roland M-240, M-160, SE-50, MPU-101, Yamaha REV-7, Boss RCE-10, RCL-10, RPQ-10, Korg KME-56, Behringer Exciter Ultrafex II, Denoiser MK II


S.E.T.I., 2000 CD CI004
CUE- Records  




Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence


This actual CD album from Changing Images is dedicated to Project SETI – The Search for extraterrestrial Intelligence.  And they are not alone with this: 40 years ago the project SETI was startet,  triggerd by an article from Cocconi and Morrison published in the magazine NATURE. They argued, that it should be possible to receive messages from alien intelligences with radiotelescopes even through a distance of thousands of lightyears. Frank Drake, a researcher of  astrophysics started at that time his first projects to analyse radiotelescope-signals for possible messages. With his known “Drake-formula” he showed, that  there must be intelligent life, using technology similar or higher developed  compared to  mankind  with significant high probability. Today, he is president of the SETI-Institute, dedicated to this search. To analyse the huge amount of data, a unique project was founded – called SETI@home. Via Internet, the calculating power of hundred thousands of PCs is connected – more than 50.000 years CPU-time was achieved right now, more than any supercomputer could offer.  (Info: http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu). History will show, wether this giant search will succeed.


Changing Images approaches to this story  in the tradition of  Stanley Kubricks "2001 Odyssee in Space": Dave and GAL – the female bordcomputer of our spaceship - are on track  to alien lifeforms. The zodiac constellation is convenient… so it was on the 11th  of August, 1999 – the day of the total eclipse in europe- this day  the track “Gates” was recorded, to catch a magical spirit. Gates to different worlds are opened through the remaining tracks as well, revealed in the musical style of Changing Images, combined with contemporary sounds and rhythms.


Join the search – have fun listening!