Who is Changing Images ?

MARTIN KORNBERGER: Keyboards, Electronics

VOLKER KUHN: Guitars, Guitar-Synth, Keyboards

In 1979, Martin Kornberger (Keyboards) and Volker Kuhn (Guitars, Keyboards) met each other, deciding to work together on musical ideas. After several cassette albums they finally released their debut-CD The Castle in 1991 introducing the new project name Changing Images and following the electronic/symphonic style of progressive music of the 70th decade. Their second CD, Virtuality was released in 1992 and was - close to the concept - characterized by electronic elements and sequencerlines.

Martin , a keyboard and synth specialist with the background of classical piano education, combines in his dense arrangements electronic, rhythmic orientated music with symphonic/classical elements.

Volker works with E- and A-guitars and uses MIDI-guitar controlled synths. He combines - musically in the tradition of Robert Fripp an Brian Eno - expressive guitar lines with ambient- and minimal-music athmospheres.

Both musical characters complement each other and know how to evoke melodic-rhythmic but also gloomy, opressive scenarios within their complex arrangements with have the characteristics of varied soundtracks - or just: changing images.



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